Havasu Canyon Weather

Canyon Temperatures (degrees in fahrenheit)

Month Avg High Avg Low
January 53° 27°
February 60° 32°
March 67° 37°
April 75° 43°
May 86° 50°
June 96° 60°
July 100° 72°
August 99° 70°
September 89° 59°
October 78° 47°
November 64° 35°
December 53° 27°

These are averaged temperatures. Trail temperatures during summer can be extreme, reaching 110+ degrees. Humidity is extremely low and visitors are cautioned to use their energy carefully.

Take all the water you can!

Check Current Conditions or a 10 day forecast.

Flash Flooding

Flash flooding occurs from time to time in the canyon. In 2008 a powerful flash flood carved out two new waterfalls and left an old one completely dry. Flash floods happen some summers during the monsoon season - July through September.

Warning systems are in place and during the last flood, all visitors were safely evacuated. Before the flood arrived, all campers were advised during the night to move to higher ground - this action was taken by the rangers in coordination with the tribe to ensure everyone's safety.

2008 Havasupai Flood