Lower Navajo Falls - "Rock Falls"

Lower Navajo Falls, or Rock Falls, Havasupai WaterfallsRock Falls was the second major waterfall created by mother nature during the flood of 2008 when a massive mud slide caused the creek bed to move. In the process, the creek completely bypassed Navajo Falls which is now dry. (Navajo Falls had been reported to have been destroyed, which is technically not correct - just bypassed by the stream.)

Rock Falls is about 30' high and nearly 100' wide and has a nice swimming hole. There is a ledge directly under and behind the falls that many visitors scramble up to jump through the refreshing shower into the crystal clear pool.

No Cliff Diving/Jumping

Rock Falls, Havasupai Waterfalls
Many of the waterfalls may look like great opportunities to cliff dive or jump, but it is not allowed. New Navajo and Rock Falls are particularly inviting, but the pools beneath these falls are not as deep as they appear. Also, the travertine below the water is hard and jagged, and can easily inflict serious injury on feet or legs when people jump in.

When you visit Havasupai, you're a visitor and a guest - please respect the rules that are in place. Please do not cliff dive or jump at any spot during your visit.