Upper Navajo Falls - "New Navajo Falls"

Upper Navajo Falls came into being in 2008 when the flood of that year moved massive amounts of rock and mud gouging out a deep bed. The old Navajo Falls was bypassed in the process leaving it dry.
New Navajo Falls, Havasupai Waterfalls
New Navajo Falls has one of the same characteristics of its namesake; the creek erupts out of dense vegetation in many different streams to fall about 50' into the pool. This is how the old Navajo Falls behaved at times shifting a lot of its flow through the trees and shrubs to tumble down the rocks in various places across the face of the cliff.

Access is not too easy as there are large boulders and rocks just below the falls creating somewhat of a visual barrier, it is passable though. The creek then winds its way down an 1/6th of a mile till it reaches Rock Falls.

New Navajo Falls, Havasupai Waterfalls


No Cliff Diving/Jumping

Many of the waterfalls may look like great opportunities to cliff dive or jump, but it is not allowed. New Navajo and Rock Falls are particularly inviting, but the pools beneath these falls are not as deep as they appear. Also, the travertine below the water is hard and jagged, and can easily inflict serious injury on feet or legs when people jump in.

When you visit Havasupai, you're a visitor and a guest - please respect the rules that are in place. Please do not cliff dive or jump at any spot during your visit.