Do's and Don'ts at Havasupai

16 Do's and Don'ts when visiting Havasupai

When Planning your trip:

  1. Make reservations. You need reservations for the lodge or the campground or for a day pass in order to visit Havasupai. If you show up without one, fees will be doubled or you may be required to leave.

  2. Leave your pets at home. Havasu Canyon is home to wild animals as well as free roaming dogs that are owned by residents of the canyon. Your pet will be safer and more comfortable at home.

  3. Know what you're getting into. The hike is a moderate difficulty hike, 11 miles from Hilltop to Campground. Temperatures in the summer can exceed 110 degrees, and there is no water available on the trail until you reach Supai at about 8.5 miles. Know what your body can handle, and pack accordingly.

  4. Don't forget to train. Regular exercise and healthy eating is essential. You should increase your cardio 8-12 weeks prior to the trip, and strength train.

  5. Leave Havasupai in better condition than you found it! Please DO NOT LITTER at Havasupai. Thousands of people visit this miraculous place every year, and it's everyone's responsibility to treat it with respect and maintain its natural beauty. In fact, carry out a little bit of trash if you find some and leave it better than you found it.

  6. Break in your hiking shoes. To limit the chances of getting blisters, make sure you wear your shoes on a few hikes (or at the very least walk around in them) at least two weeks prior to your trip. You will want to do this for brand new shoes or older shoes you have not worn in a while.

  7. Pack appropriately. Backpacks are used for multiple day hikes, in order to accommodate all the gear you will need, day packs are used for day hikes. We recommend that a backpack weighs no more than 25% of your weight, so only pack essential items.

  8. Eat breakfast. Eat an appropriate breakfast at least 3 hours before you start your hike so you will have the energy for your hike.

  9. Don't forget the camera. The world class waterfalls in Havasupai just beg to be photographed. Professional and Amateur photographers alike take beautiful images of the waters in Havasu Canyon.

  10. Don't forget to drinks lots of water and eat salty snacks. 1 quart or 1 liter of water is recommended for each hour of outdoor activity, while eating salty snacks. More when in the temperatures exceed 85 degrees. It's also vital to hydrate before and after your trip.

  11. Protect yourself from the sun. Protect your skin year round. Even in the low temperatures of winter, the sun can treat your exposed skin harshly. Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses recommended.

  12. Don't feed the animals. Animals can bite or carry disease, so please refrain from the temptation to touch or feed them. There are free roaming dogs in the canyon that belong to residents or maybe are freelancers. There is no reason for visitors to feed them.

  13. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR TRASH. The Havasupai Canyon is enjoyed by many people each year, so please pick up any remnants of your trip.

  14. Don't leave food in your backpacks or tents. Food or trash in your bags or tents is an open invitation to all sorts of critters with sharp teeth and claws. Nylon and thin plastic do not pose a big problem for them. Store your foods in critter proof containers, bag and hang your trash securely so you can pack it out.

  15. Don't bring firearms, drugs, or alcohol. All of these are illegal to possess while on the reservation.