Havasupai Camping

Camping Office Hours

Monday through Friday, 7am to 7pm

Camping Reservations

Please note, if you do not have a reservation, and just show up - you will be billed at twice the amount of the regular price. That's $114 plus tax per person not $57.
The Tourism Office (also known as the Camping Office) is the point of contact for all reservations except for the Lodge. You must call the lodge directly to make a reservation or inquiry about a room. For camping reservations, please call:

1-928-448-2141 or 1-928-448-2121 or 1-928-448-2174 or or 1-928-448-2180

If lines are busy, please keep trying! They are doing their best to answer all the calls.

So they may adequately serve you, please have the following information ready:

* Desired dates
* Number of nights of camping
* Number of people in your party

Reservations for popular times of year fill up months in advance, make your reservation as soon as possible.

All visitors staying at the campgrounds must stop in at the camping office to pay the required fees. The camping office is next to the grassy landing field, across from the cafe.

If you are with a large group, please designate a leader to take care of the fees and pick up tags. Lodge guests do not need to stop in the office, entry fees will be collected at the lodge.

Camping Fees

* Fees are subject to change without prior notice. The fees are non-negotiable. All fees are taxable by 10%.

Entrance Fee Permit

.....................$35.00* per person
Paid per person upon entry, no discounts.
This fee is charged one time per visit. All visitors entering the Havasupai Indian Reservation are required to pay this fee and check in upon arrival at the Tourist Office.
Note: Native Americans with a valid Tribal I. D. card or Tribal enrollment card are exempt from this fee.

Campground Fee

.....................$17.00* per person / per night
Paid per person upon entry, no discounts.

Environmental Care Fee

......................$5.00* per person
Paid per person upon entry, no discounts.

Example Camping Fees

For Party of 4: 2 adults, 2 children ages 14 & 10 Hiking in and camping for 2 nights

Entrance Fees
Per night Camping Fees
Envirnomental Fees
10% Tax

"We have no reservation but here we are anyways "
Camping Fees are double!: $651.20 not $325.60!


There are no deposits required. But reservations are mandatory. Please note, if you do not have a reservation, and just show up - you will be billed at twice the regular fee - that's $114 plus tax per person not $57.

For Cancellations

If for any reason you need to cancel your reservation, please call to free up a spot for someone else.

Special Circumstances

In the event the campground is shutdown due to flooding or other circumstances which may pose a potential risk to campers, the Havasupai Tribe will make effort to contact you if your reservation will be affected. They cannot guarantee that they will be able to notify everyone beforehand.