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Havasupai - Camping, Hiking, Waterfalls, Lodging, Helicopters and Horses in the Grand Canyon

Prepare yourself for a trip like no other, and an opportunity to commune with nature on a world class scale. Havasu Falls and Mooney Falls are among the best loved waterfalls on Mother Earth, here in the grand canyon they are close to her heart.


This site will help you plan your next visit to Havasupai. You can:
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  • Call for available dates for camping or for rooms in the Havasupai Lodge
Havasupai is the ideal hiking destination for all hikers from beginners to seasoned veterans. The 10 mile hike is not as bad as it sounds, as only the first mile and a half consists of steep switchbacks. The remainder of the trail is mainly a winding wash that gradually turns into a canyon with gentle incline.

Swimming, wading, and playing in the gorgeous pools below the falls - or in the stream flowing through the campground - are well worth the physical and logistical trials you overcame to get here.

If a rustic camping experience with no amenities - except drinking water from a piped spring and composting outhouses - appeals to you, then you will opt for the camping experience. But if you love nature, but prefer or require a shower, bed, & A/C - check out the availability at the lodge just a half hour's walk back from the campground.

Either way, spending a night in the canyon can often be described as a spiritual experience. The wonder and awe of the canyon seem to envelope you in a way that is hard to describe, but peaceful and refreshing certainly come to mind. Once you've experienced it, you will long to come back again and again.


If planning your own trip including travel, transportation, gear, food, etc. seems too daunting, have no fear: you can sign up with a guided tour where most of those details are taken care of for you.

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Reflections from Visitors

"a Garden of Eden in the desert"

"One of the greatest experiences ever. I think this is going to turn into a yearly thing."

"...breathtaking waterfalls - it is the experience of a lifetime!"

"Imagine for a moment turquoise melting in your hand, its vibrant blue becoming liquid and you will have in mind the stunning beauty waiting for you at Havasu Falls."

"Shangri-la of the Grand Canyon"

"Best Hiking experience ever. You will never see anything like this anywhere else"